Venezia, just because…

It’s Carnavale time in Venice, but today I thought you might enjoy an uncommon glimpse of La Serenissima.

Three ways to enjoy magical Venice if you can’t actually be there:

  1. Donna Leon’s Commissario Brunetti novels.
  2. The wonderful German TV series based on Leon’s books, available with accurate, readable subtitles on the subscription series MHZ Choice.  MHZ Choice offers amazing Euro-TV programming you can stream for a highly affordable monthly price. Be patient through the first four Brunetti episodes as you will truly become hooked when Uwe Kockisch takes over the role in #5. It’s true that this is a crime series, but episode is a journey through the Venetian culture and mindset. At first it will seem odd to hear German in the Venetian setting, but you’ll get over it, and it’s a good brain-training exercise!
  3. Art historian Laura Morelli’s fascinating  blog posts  on Venetian history and artistry.

Happy Friday! Stay tuned for future posts on my Euro-TV discoveries and consequent addiction to same.


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