So… why blog?

One of the most delightful, and, perhaps, a tad intimidating, aspects of blogging is exposing your work to a literal world of other bloggers. I can’t tell you how much fun it is to see that  your posts are being viewed on other continents, and to be able to correspond with so many good writers, worldwide, who have fascinating experiences, observations,  and information to share. As the old maxim goes, “The sky’s the limit.”

Years and years ago, when I was teaching writing at a small junior college, no one imagined that writers would have this wide-open window on the world. We emphasized the importance of cogent  presentation, using legitimate research to support hypotheses, and, of course, adherence to the structural “rules.” Don’t get me started—I will NEVER give up the Oxford comma!

As educators, we knew that being able to speak and write with clarity and grace could shape our students’ success not only in other academic disciplines, but also in the world beyond the campus. How many times, later in my multi-layered career, did I hear that “so-and-so” was a capable worker but just couldn’t express him/herself well? Being articulate, in writing and speech, matters.

Back in the day, if you aspired to be a writer, the pathways were somewhat limited: journalism; advertising or public relations; or business/technical/scientific writing. I started out in the first, moved to the second, and then the third. For much of my work life, I longed for the time and inspiration to write whatever I wanted to, driven not by the illusion that I had anything remarkable to say, but by my own need for a creative outlet. Judging by all of the blogs I’ve come to enjoy, I’m not the only one.

Much as I might deride the way we have become slaves to our electronic leashes, it is precisely the electronic universe that has given me and many fellow bloggers the opportunity to communicate with, reach out to, learn from, or laugh with, just about anyone. That’s fairly miraculous, isn’t it?

There’s a blog out there for just about every interest and taste—art, photography, travel, food,  parenting, style, faith, and that fascinating form we now call “flash fiction.” Now that we are #retired, we have time to enjoy them. Now and then, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite posts from other bloggers with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

First suggestion:  Take a stroll with restless jo.


Photo: Looking out over the Androscoggin in Oxford County, Maine.

6 thoughts on “So… why blog?

  1. Norb

    From day one, I have read each of blogs. It is truly amazing what I have gleaned from them; and, not only have I learned a great deal about you, but also find I have related to many of your topics. It’s time to confess you have made a recent convert of yours truly with the “Oxford Comma”! In every grammar class I have ever taken, no instructor (HS or College) ever covered the structural rules of this topic. And 50 years later, it took a Member of EHS Class of ’66 to teach the teacher ( teaching the old dog new tricks!) And in all the papers I was required to write, including my thesis, was there any criticism of not using that (,)! Even when I write something now……I must go back to correct it.

    Keep up the blogs, Angela.

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  2. DBA Mountaineer

    I am not a professional writer, I created a blog for main reason, to record all my travel adventures so that I have something to go back when I get old. It’s a good feeling that other appreciated my post too. But one thing that I like about blogging is, its one of my medium to release stress from reality of the world for even a moment like when I am traveling. Because when I’m writing my post its like a virtual traveling.

    I agree with you, because of technology, a new and different levels of opportunities arise and most of the time it seems its limitless.

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    1. Angela

      You are very smart to chronicle your travels, as your posts and photos will continue to give you joy for many years to come! And yes, writing is a wonderful way to relieve stress! Keep up the good work!

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