Sweet distractions

I’ve been lean on writing  this last week; sometimes, real life just intervenes. In this case, in a good way. Here is where my time usually devoted to writing has gone…

The kitchen cabinets
I set out determined to clean both pantry cabinets and all the kitchen drawers, and I did. They are beautifully organized, old stuff has been pitched, and some goodies I’d forgotten I had have been used or scheduled for use in dinners or other delights. Some of you will no doubt think I’m sick, but cleaning closets and cabinets is really the only household task, apart from cooking and baking, that I truly enjoy, perhaps because it fairly screams, “Fresh start!”

The garden
We’ve spent considerable time enjoying our backyard garden and the roses and clematis that give our house the look of a little cottage on the Maine coast. Everything we planted, moved, replaced is thriving this year; all we need do is take the time to savor it. We added a climbing rose this week and hope it will be happy in the place we chose.

Long walks with Miss Pup
Our walks have been extra pleasurable on the sunny days that followed what seemed like ages of damp and dreariness. One of the things I love most about our neighborhood is that people are always out and about—kids playing on the green, mamas and papas walking their babies, and lots of other doggies taking their constitutionals. Everyone smiles; everyone waves. The world needs that.

My first Tana French
Faithful Place is a dark crime novel set in Dublin. Oh, my goodness, what skill with voice! This one is really hard to put down.

Our local berries, the real ones, bear no relationship to those big, tasteless California imports in the grocery stores. We’ve been devouring our local berries for over a week, both in biscuit shortcake mounded with real whipped cream and just out of the dish, unfettered.

Every now and then, I catch myself frustrated with how few tasks I’ve completed in the course of a day. Sometimes, I still feel unproductive or even a bit guilty. But really enjoying your #retired life isn’t about changing the sheets, is it?

Photo: In my history with azaleas, which goes back to childhood, this may be the fullest and most beautiful. I take no credit for planting or feeding it—that all goes to our “tree whisperer,” Don. I would have posted a photo of the strawberries, but they disappeared before I could say, “Cheese.” I did include a link to my favorite shortcake recipe, just in case you’re interested.

9 thoughts on “Sweet distractions

  1. Sharon K. Bolden Berrier

    Angela, it is a rainy day here in Panama City, Florida. A great day to catch up with the few blogs I’ve missed after enjoying this new one. I have thoroughly enjoyed them and look forward to upcoming ones. They provide a different glimpse into daily routines we all experience in one way or another, are quite informative, and most importantly…are light, fresh, at times funny, and most importantly, we can relate to them. Thank you for sharing these with us.
    I look forward to the next one. Be good, stay well, and until the next blog….


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  2. Mary Hart

    Thanks for your good wishes- find it hard to believe I’m 81! By the by, I have a number of kitchen drawers that are crying that they need cleaning… are you up to it? You’ve discoverd a great mystery writer, Angela- have loved all of the French mystery/detective books she’s written. I’m now reading an interesting novel by Andrew Krivak. Erica Funke interviewed him a few weeks ago and they discussed his latest novel, TheSignal Flame. It’s set in the Dallas, Pa area and focuses ona Slovak family whose Zion has been listed as missing in Vietnam. Krivak’s first novel was a finalist for the National Book award the year it was published. Enjoy your garden and your walks with MissPup!

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    1. Angela

      I’d be happy to attack those kitchen drawers! Thanks so much for the book info. I hadn’t heard of Krivak but will add him to the list, which probably reaches halfway to Hollywood by now! ❤️


  3. Nancy Carter

    Tana French was our mid-coast Maine book club’s selection for April and we all agreed that she is a fine writer. We also loved Kate Ross and are sad that she died after writing only four Julian Kestrel novels. This month, it’s Elizabeth Daly, and in July we’ve selected Mark Pryor. We should have plenty of “real” strawberries by the time you get here!

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