Northern journey, leg 3.1: More Halifax discoveries

That’s Stephanie, who with her husband Robert has the Cora franchise where we breakfasted mightily both mornings in Halifax, at 1535 Dresden Row. Her smile is a worthy reminder that no matter how exciting the journey is, it’s the people you meet along the way who make it memorable.

We arrived at the restaurant just after the breakfast rush. Stephanie greeted us with hot coffee (it was quite good) and we began to chat. She had responsibilities, of course, but as we ate, we managed to cobble together a lively conversation about customer service, the Cora mission, Newfoundland (oh, how I want to go there!), and why we should visit the Halifax Public Gardens, which you read about in the last post. We left feeling that we’d made a friend. The next day we returned, and even though the restaurant was busy, Stephanie found time to bring her husband Robert over to meet us. How kind was that?

What a breakfast! At Cora restaurants, there’s always ample fresh fruit.

We strolled and window-shopped after breakfast. At John David Shoes on Spring Garden Street, Hubby insisted that I add these cute and functional PIkolino boots to my collection:

These ankle boots have kept me warm, stylish, and upright during the miserable cold patch just ended.

Next stop was Wuzzles, Canada’s oldest children’s bookstore, at 1533 Birmingham Street. In love as I am with independent bookstores of almost any stripe, this was a place I had to see. Every child should have the chance to roam around a store like Wuzzles. The highly informed, and highly patient, children’s librarian on duty found age-appropriate books by Maritime authors for our grands. Children’s book sections at chains are all well and good, but nothing beats the atmosphere in a store that’s always been just for kids.

What child wouldn’t love roaming through Wuzzle’s?
Another delightful green space, just a few blocks from the waterfront.
Our Fitbits logged about 18,000 steps on the second day, when we hiked up to the Citadel.
The Changing of the Guard just after this shot was taken was perhaps not so impressive as Buckingham Palace, but it was still great fun.
We ended the day with dinner at Salty’s, looking out on the harbor .

Halifax is an interesting mix of old and new, friendly, lively, and extremely walkable. There’s obviously much more to see and do, but all told, the visit left us well satisfied with the time we’d spent there. The best measure of a memorable travel experience is always whether you’d repeat it. We certainly would, but next time, perhaps just one day in the city and the rest devoted to the province’s picturesque fishing villages and Cape Breton.

Next time: Prince Edward Island.

5 thoughts on “Northern journey, leg 3.1: More Halifax discoveries

  1. Ron

    What fun and now I’m hungry for a Cora’s breakfast. Love the shoes, they look smart and comfy. After such an ambitious walk that day, I think an evening at Salty’s was in order. I’m looking forward to your PEI post.

    Liked by 1 person

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