Bye, bye Bootie!

Okay, that’s a joke that only Broadway musical fans of a certain age may get. Or the film that followed. Still, I couldn’t resist.

After three weeks, I’ve been liberated from the boot whose daunting purpose was to heal my heel. Homonym lesson, anyone?

You learn a lot when you can’t drive, safely climb stairs, or do the ordinary tasks of daily living without some help. I went through this years ago after rotator cuff surgery. The first lesson is humility: pride is a waste—you have to ask for and accept help graciously. The second is patience—everything takes more time. The third is creativity—a little re-engineering goes a long way.. The fourth is perspective—If you have any functioning brain cells at all, you are filled with gratitude for all that you can do instead of focused on what you can’t. And you are once again reminded of the legions of differently abled people who struggle mightily to get through every day. Of how brave and strong they are. Of how the world, and the people in it, aren’t always accommodating or understanding. Or even just plain kind.

I’ve been advised to go back to “normal” (whatever that is–we have a friend who calls it a “dryer setting”) slowly and deliberately. In fact, when I first took the boot off, put my cute like Pikolino shorty on, and stood up, I sat back down pretty quickly. The rocking motion I’d gotten accustomed to was gone, and not being lopsided felt weird. That’s eased quite a bit in the last two day. But be assured that I am heeding my doctor’s advice… slow and steady wins the race. If the Fitbit sits on the nightstand for another week or two, that’s fine.

Yesterday I started deep-cleaning the kitchen, one small section at a time. It feels so good to be more productive and give Hubby the break he deserves. The “to do” list is huge, but what better way to count off the darkest days of winter?

What I’m reading this month… Just finished Joseph Baxter’s A Year in Paris, almost halfway through Fredrik Backman’s Us Against You, just started Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird. Good times.

14 thoughts on “Bye, bye Bootie!

  1. Nancy

    Dryer Setting… Normal, Loved that!

    Congratulations to no more Boot! You have to feel somewhat FREE. Free do do chores in the Kitchen. But, in this situation, It has to feel good to be able to clean and organize the Kitchen with two good feet!

    Onward… my new friend!

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  2. Ron

    Angela, I believe it is indeed those small (or large) setbacks in life that makes one appreciate what is good out there. Well written perspective. I remember Bye Bye Birdie (film) well, I’ve always been a Ann-Margret fan. A good Swedish gal she is…

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