A tribute to my mother…

Hello, everyone. Happy Friday, happy spring, happy Cinco de Mayo, happy Coronation weekend. Just letting you know that Bernadette of Bernadette’s New Classic Recipe graciously invited me to pen a post appropriate for Mother’s Day, which in the US is the second Sunday in May. I’ve written about my mother many times, but this one is about how she learned to be the marvelous, inimitable cook that she was. You can read it the post here. You may also enjoy V. M. Sang’s Victorian Grandmother, also part of this series.

Bernadette is a wonderful cook with a chef’s creativity. Her blog is consistently interesting and well written. I hope you’ll add it to your “follows.”

Have a marvelous weekend and check in again soon!

16 thoughts on “A tribute to my mother…

  1. Ron

    Hi Angela,
    Great tribute to your mother. As always, your writing is exquisite and makes me smile, which is much appreciated these days.


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