…and fall back

Today’s sky is full-tilt October blue, with brilliant sunlight and a crazy wind following on the heels of that storm that hit the West Coast. But it’s not what I’d ever call cold. October has been full of these breathtaking skies, the perfect ambiance for long, contemplative walks. Or livelier ones, with Enzo, who likes to chase every leaf that flies past us.

Our trees haven’t fully turned yet. When I walk, or even just look out the window, I see a brilliant skyscape of green, gold, yellow, red, orange, and brown against that incredible bluest-of-blue sky. But wait—all of my roses are blooming, too, so there are pinks, and reds, and peaches on this palette, too.

October, luminescent, as if God himself had painted it, is a miracle.

I have friends who dread winter so much that they dread its harbinger by association. They”fall back” mourning the loss of light and fearing the snow and cold to come. I understand, I truly do. But while I hope for a winter without much fury, I”m grateful that I’m able to fully appreciate this beautiful, gentle time before hunkering down against the cold and dark for a few months, like a bear.

A few book notes. The one-and-only Adriana Trigiani has two new books due: her first children’s book, The House of Love, on December 28, and a new novel, The Good Left Undone, April 26, 2022. That’s good news all around.

New books are coming from both Anne Tyler (French Braid, in March 2022) and Frances Mayes (A Place in the World: Finding the Meaning of Home, no information available yet).

My friend Marina Reznor’s new novel, Cup-Tied, her third, will be out soon. I’ve had an advance read, and I think it’s terrific. More on that later.

Please read Elizabeth Strout’s magnificent Oh William!. How I love Elizabeth Strout! How I love Lucy Barton! I bought this book on Thursday and had finished it by Saturday. I literally couldn’t put it down. I have two books going now: Laura Maurelli’s The Stolen Lady and Martin Walker’s most recent “Bruno Chief of Police” tale, The Coldest Case.

I should note that I also just loved Yours Cheerfully, A. J. Pearce’s sequel to her debut novel, Dear Mrs. Bird. Both are real charmers set in wartime London.

15 thoughts on “…and fall back

  1. Joanne P Thurin

    Thanks for the book suggestions! I usually go to the library weekly, but they are closed for remodel, so I appreciate the different authors. Hope all is well with you.

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  2. Ron

    What is it about dogs and leaves? Chloe dog loves sniffing and playing with the leaves Autumn walks are her and our favorite. Unfortunately, our autumn has been nothing but day after day of rain. But, now comes our winter, and I love it. The cold crisp air, clear skies, and the smell of fresh snow are always enjoyed and if we get really lucky one can get a glance at the Nothern Lights.

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    1. Angela

      There’s a part of me that loves winter, not as much as fall, but still…. Must be by Maine roots. I adore the sight of leaves on the ground. Thanks for reading, Ron!


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