Permission to lie around and read a book

I understand from my fellow-blogger Rosemarie that today, November 6, is already well designated in honor of nachos (hurray) and bison (hurray again). For me, however, it’s going to be Do-Nothing-Much-But-Finish-My-Book Day. When I get down to the last hundred pages or so of a book I’m really enjoying, all I want to do is finish it. Right now, I’ve got two very different ones going, Martin Walker’s The Coldest Case (Bruno, Chief of Police series) and Laura Morelli’s The Stolen Lady. They’re both good reads. So today, other than getting outside a bit, I’m giving myself permission to do very little but lie around and read.

I can get away with a lazy Saturday because, calling on that expression I used to hear when I was a kid in Central Pennsylvania, I’m “all boogered up.” LOL. Going down the list: 1) a slightly sprained left ankle, thanks to a bit of a gully at the sidewalk’s edge; 2) a nasty case of tendinitis in my right arm, probably just from overuse and lifting Enzo, who has long since surpassed the expected eight or nine pounds; 3) an IT band issue on my left side (think sciatica down the side of your thigh); and 4) a single stitch in my right thumb, the result of a squabble that Enzo and I had over a plastic container. How quickly things–bones, joints, and other body parts–can go south.

The good news is that I’m improving. A compression wrap has just about fixed the ankle and that stitch came out yesterday. I can walk Enzo as far as the mailbox almost without limping, though it will probably take another week tor two to get back to three good-sized walks a day. As for the arm—well, that’s a slower process. I’m trying red light therapy, thanks to my daughter, who had one shipped here yesterday. It can’t hurt. Fortunately, I was able to make it to one of our grandson’s last soccer games, which provided the vista in the featured photo.

Meanwhile, October is over, Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, and Christmas right on its heels. Here in our neighborhood, many families are celebrating Diwali, so the spooks and pumpkins have given way to festive colored lights. The kids visited last weekend, and my son, with a few directions, made the piecrust for Thanksgiving (that arm of mine again). My daughter ordered the turkey. I bought a long-neck pumpkin for pie, cooked it down, ran it through the blender, and froze it. There are two bags of cranberries in the basement fridge. So I’m in pretty decent shape as far as Turkey Day prep goes. Thus, it seems only fair that I get take today off. Cleaning, as we all know, can wait.

Guess I’m finally learning that at this stage in life, I don’t have to fill every single minute with a “productive” occupation. Too bad it takes a booboo or two, and a lifetime, to figure that out.

And FYI…

Marina Reznor’s new novel, Cup-Tied. is now available on Amazon. It’s a very snappy, interesting tale. You can read my review on Amazon or find the Goodreads feed on this site.

A few TV notes. We finally found more seasons of Still Standing on Tubi, thanks to my desperate, relentless search. Jonny Harris (check the link for my prior post) just gets better and better. We’ve been laughing out loud at Corner Gas for weeks now, but alas, I fear we’re approaching the end. Anyone have recommendations for another Canadian comedy series we could stream?

When we really want to daydream, The Luxury Travel Expert never fails to disappoint. The new posts have been from resorts in the Greek Islands and the south of France. Even Enzo likes them. On the drama front, we’re watching the new season of Manhunt, with Martin Clunes, who has become one of my very favorite actors, on Acorn, where we were also impressed with the first two episodes of a new Dalgliesh production. We finished The Doctor Blake Mysteries on and loved The Long Call, both on Britbox. 

By the way, if you enjoy cooking videos, I have recently fallen for Italia Squisita, in which well known Italian chefs present their versions of classic regional dishes.

12 thoughts on “Permission to lie around and read a book

  1. Yeah, Another Blogger

    Hi. I’m amazed by the number of services through which people can stream TV shows. It’s not just Netflix and Amazon out there. I’m not familiar with the services that you mention. A series I liked a lot recently is Godless, on Netflix. It’s a western, and is set circa 1885 in Colorado.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Angela

      I love streaming. MHZ Choice is a good one—the first we used—Italian, French, German, and Scandinavian, mostly mysteries. We do Netflix for short periods if there’s something we really want to see, like “Somebody Feed Phil.”

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ron

    Hi Angela, I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend!
    Boy oh boy can I relate to your comment, “How quickly things–bones, joints, and other body parts–can go south.”
    Take care over your way.


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